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  • "I have had tinnitus for around 12 years and one session on this has made a huge difference. No longer have the white noise in my ears - happy bunny."
    Anne, UK
  • "Amazing! After a concert I developed a subtle but persistent case of tinnitus. I decided to give your technique a try and it did the trick! What a relief - thanks for this amazing breakthrough and I would urge others to give it a try."
    Walt, USA
  • "I’m a long term tinnitus sufferer. I’ve just tried the Restored Hearing treatment for 5 minutes and I’ve already noticed an improvement."
    Neil, Ireland

The Science of Sound Relief

What is tinnitus? Is there a way to manage it? How does Sound Relief tinnitus sound therapy work? These questions, and more, are answered in our science page. Read all about our clinical trial and see how Sound Relief can help you.

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